My dad came from Arizona to visit my family and me in Washington state in 1998. He wasn’t feeling well. He told me he couldn’t go to the doctor because his HMO policy limited him to doctors in Arizona. I was astonished when he also shared with me that his insurance agent said his policy wouldn’t cover an out-of-state emergency room. So, after staying with us for six weeks, he only got worse. By the time he returned to Arizona where he was able to go to an emergency room, it was too late. He passed away three days later. We later found out he died as a result of liver failure due to the drugs he was taking for colitis. If he had been able to visit doctor earlier, he may not have died.

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So, in 2002, I decided to get licensed as a health insurance agent to find out the truth about healthcare. I realized that my dad could have gone to any emergency room regardless of his policy. The doctors would have treated him. If I had known more about insurance then, I probably could have saved my dad’s life. Now, my mission is to help educate others on their insurance policies so that what happened to my dad won’t happen to them.

I started Absolute Insurance Solutions, LLC to honor of my father.

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