Asset Lock® Personal

We are so excited to be able to share AssetLock®, an Investment monitoring & Alerting tool. This application is like your bank account when it comes to being secure. You know your mobile bank logins? Well this uses the same exact company for security.

What Is Assetlock?

It is an application that you can look at as your new account checking instrument. That will alert you of any advancements you are or are not having. It works by letting you to set your AssetLock® Percentage, this is high water value(or misfortune). You are happy to make changes, and you were not advised by any other advisors, only you and your new app. An AssetLock® Percentage can run from 5% – 30% than the high water value. If your Investments experience misfortune. We will get an email or instant message alert sent out. If you are in danger of going below your new AssetLock® Percentage you will know sooner than ever. You may likewise set warnings for new record highs!

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