Much like your home, your automobiles are one of the most valuable and expensive items you own. That is why it is vital to have reliable and affordable auto insurance. Absolute Insurance Solutions, LLC offers incredible auto insurance policies. Whether you have a car, boat or RV, contact the experts at Absolute Insurance Solutions, LLC today at 623-328-5298.

We offer a personalized consultation to discuss which auto insurance plans work best for you and your family. Absolute Insurance Solutions, LLC strives to provide you with a plan that would be most beneficial to you and your needs. There are many advantages to having auto insurance such as:

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Saves Money In The Long-Run

Saves Time

Keeps Your Peace of Mind

It's The Law

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Coverage That Most Policy Plans Include

Depending on your specific plan, the most common coverages for auto insurance are listed below. If you need affordable and dependable insurance for your automobile, contact us today.

Medical Expense Coverage

Bodily Injury Liability

Collision Deductibles


Rental Reimbursement


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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Insurance

Are there are different types of car insurance?

Oh, yeah. Here are the big ones:

  • Bodily injury (BI) and property damage (PD) liability coverage: which pays for damage you cause to other people or their property
  • Personal injury protection (PIP): which pays for medical expenses and usually lost wages regardless of fault
  • Collision coverage: which pays for damage done to your car in a collision
  • Comprehensive (Comp) coverage: which pays for damage done to your car in non-collisions (i.e., fire, vandalism, or theft).
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage: which protects you if you’re in an accident and the driver at fault doesn’t have insurance.
  • Full Coverage: when you add Comp and Collision to the same policy.
Do you need car insurance if you don't own a car

If you rent or drive other people’s cars frequently, then, yes, you should look into a non-owner auto insurance policy , which provides basic liability coverage. Non-owner policies don’t include collision or comprehensive coverage, because you don’t need it. Remember, collision and comprehensive coverage pays for damage to your car and, in this scenario, you don’t have one.

What determines my rate?

Car insurance premiums are based on a laundry list of factors, including your driving record, vehicle, how often you drive, age, gender, marital status, zip code, and credit.

Do red cars cost more to insure?

No. That’s a myth. The make and model of a car impact your rates, given some cars are just more expensive than others. Take the Tesla Model S , for instance, which costs a ton to insure, regardless of color, because it’s full of expensive parts.

What kind of car insurance discounts are there?

Oh, there are a whole bunch. The big ones include good driver discounts (for going long enough without a moving violation); affiliation discounts (for belonging to a group, like AAA or AARP, that partners with the insurer); low-mileage discounts (for, you know, low mileage) and car safety feature discounts (for installing stuff like emergency break assistance or collision avoidance systems).

What is the average cost of car insurance in Arizona?

The average cost of insurance coverage in Phoenix is $1,126 a year for men and$1,178 for women. The average cost of auto insurance in Arizona is $843.92. The national average price is $889.01 per year. Prices may vary depending on many factors: your driving record and the number of claims filed in your zip code.

What is a deductible?

In an insurance policy, the deductible is the amount paid out of pocket by the policy holder before an insurance provider will pay any expenses.