Critical Illness Insurance

Fact that about every 34 seconds someone suffers a heart attack per the American Heart Association and the average costs is $87,425. Medical care has come a long way over the years. Since medical advances have improved more people are surviving major medical problems. It’s great news that fatal illnesses aren’t as fatal anymore, the disadvantage to that is the emotional and financial burden can be overwhelming. We understand how difficult of a time critical illness can be and we want to make sure that you are covered with an insurance plan that can ease your financial stress by providing a lump sum of cash.

Your crisis benefits can help you pay for things like non-medical expenses, mortgage or bills, expenses for child care, lost wages you might incur, deductibles and more. You regular medical insurance only covers your doctor or hospital bills after you’ve met your deductible, but if you have critical insurance then your out of pocket expenses that could be difficult to pay if you weren’t able to work.


Why critical illness insurance, well just like every other insurance you have to protect you and your family like home, auto, and medical this is here to help if a catastrophic event occurs. We want to make sure you or your family are covered in case you ever experience a critical illness like a stroke or heart attack.