Gefory Woodruff Profile

Since 2002 when I began in the insurance industry I never imagined where it would lead me. I started my career promoting health insurance in Mohave county since no one wanted to drive that far. Then in 2004 I was hired by Sterling Life and started promoting Medicare supplements and Medicare Choice plans. In 2005 I started A&W Financial Solutions along with Sandro Aponte and our main plan we shared was Universal Healthcare’s PFFS plan which we did so good that we were one of the top agencies in Arizona. Then in 2007 I was hired as the Regional Manager in Arizona for Universal Healthcare where I traveled the state training and supporting agents to present the Universal Health care plans. And then in 2010 and I started Absolute Insurance Solutions LLC where I promoted Medicare plans I have since added creative health insurance options as well as Home and Auto along with Financial Insurance products. My passion is to share with people all the benefits and how they can get the most from them, and to how to accurately use their plan. The last two years I have been fortunate to be the number one agent for Aetna Medicare Advantage in Arizona which I want to thank all my clients and support staff who helped me along the way.

Gefory Woodruff